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This poem opens the curtain of truth.

Poem: Theatre of the mind


Many have built dungeons

To keep their secrets hidden

Away from the prying eyes of consciousness

It’s not unusual for the theatre of the mind to be closed

Barricaded with black curtains of darkness

A thick smog hiding the slithering monsters

As they emerge from the dirty substance of the mind

I have not been to these parts of consciousness

Where selfishness is sold at the marketplace

And wickedness is marketed in the showrooms

I have been to another realm of consciousness

Where the sun rises fully dressed in splendour

And Love bathes the heart with the rays of eternity

I have been to another theatre of the mind

Where silence stands erect

Not even a breeze of desire in sight

It’s the absence of ego that is displayed

In these well-kept gardens of existence

I have travelled to the edge of reality

And peered into the ocean of Truth

The Truth gave me a glimpse of freedom

As I stared into the absence of me

And embraced the eternal being

I was totally filled with the substance of immortality

And my fears lay broken on the ground

I was empty of all thoughts and emotions

My temple was a field of nothingness

Where I prayed to God Almighty

Totally undressed of my ego

©Kenneth Maswabi


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