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This poem is the secret of poetry

Poem: These words


I am secretly peeping through the window of the soul

I want to see the garden that produces these words

These words are not the substance of this world

There is something beautiful in their whole being

There is an inner radiance that is hard to explain

I am sure these words are not aliens

They speak the language of humanity with ease

As if injected with the substance of life

These words are happy to reveal their secrets

It is not that they are intoxicated

It is the message they carry

It is too precious to be left to ordinary words

It is the message of hope, peace and Love

That is weaved into their hearts

Just like the air we breathe

These words are full of life giving energy

Like molecules of the spirit

They are inhaled deep into our souls

To rejuvenate the fibre of being

And decorate the inner substance

It is not enough to meet them

You have to consume them

Let them sink into your being

Let them pass through the cord of existence

Into the womb of the everlasting life

It is here where they should be planted

Be allowed to sprout into beautiful seedlings

Be nurtured and nourished

Until they are ready to bloom into beautiful flowers

This is the life cycle of the poetic spirit

It is an amazing experience to hold a poem in your being

And let it loose into the wilderness of the world

See it grow into a beautiful life giving force

These words are the substance of life

Just like trees, they are here to sustain life


©Kenneth Maswabi




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