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This poem looks at the cup of life…and sees the spirit.

Poem: This equation is not a question


Mathematics has built an empire of equations

To help us navigate the web of life

From pillar to pillar

We are hinged on the accuracy of these mathematical magic pots

Is it possible that we are holding on an illusion?

Is a life a mathematical construction?

Are numbers the only reason for our existence?

This equation is not a question

For life has counselled many mathematicians

Directing them to the pain of losing a loved one

Showing them the prevalence of depression

It’s true, we need mathematics to survive our next question

How many people die of poverty every year?

But many more questions have no equations

What is the source of hope?

Where does happiness reside?

Mathematics can take us to infinity

Yet it cannot find the door to our hearts

It’s true, spirituality has no equations

It’s a simple lesson in life

No gigantic numbers

To calculate the mass of freedom

Or the amount of peace in eternity

Spirituality opens the door to the unknown

The realm of nothingness

Emptiness and Silence

Hope, faith and Love

Knowledge, understanding and wisdom

Spirituality is madness to those who believe in mathematical equations

Yet spirituality is heaven to those who have faith

It’s a beacon of hope for those who have seen suffering

It’s a path of light for seekers, dreamers and lovers

It’s not possible to hold the cup of existence

And not see the truth

Yet it’s possible to lie and deceive yourself

To inflate your ego and expand your blindness

To fold your heart and submerge it in darkness

To be bloated with selfishness

And remember not to love your neighbour

Life is a spiritual cup

No mathematical formula

Can undress its contents

Only Love can pave the path of light

And lead us to ourselves


©Kenneth Maswabi






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