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This poem sums up the power of my attraction to the Love within you.

Poem: This is not a dream

In my thoughts
There are vessels
Not to take me away
But to bring me to you
It’s not the gigantic structure of life
That I am attracted to
It’s the summit of Love
Inside your existence
That pulls my heart
Like a piece of metal
I am magnetized by your being
And the fullness of my thoughts
Protrudes beyond the rim of my imagination
It’s not the contents of my thoughts
That exudes warmth for you
It’s the empty page of my heart
That awaits your warmth
Look at my soul
I am lost without you
I am far from home
When I am away from you
I am beyond repair
When you are not looking at me
This is not a dream
It’s Love
Take my heart
And be with me
©Kenneth Maswabi

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