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This poem is a call to renew our hearts and reclaim the house of humanity.

Poem: This is our world now


Following the storm of Covid-19 disease

We should all gather our hearts

And plant the seeds of hope

Let us cultivate a sense of belonging

And reclaim the house of humanity

For so long, we have been riding solo

Through the express highways of life

We have been fed the concepts of individualism

And force-fed the ideas of materialism

We encountered hardships and frustrations

Overloading our mind and bodies with worry and stress

We were always tired from foraging far away from our homes

We had accumulated a list of diseases

The so called lifestyle diseases

It is not our fault that we were fed junk food

It’s not our fault that we were not given enough time to feed the spirit

Let us now re-occupy the substance of our being

And come closer to the source of Light

Let us ignite the fires within

And help feed each other and dress each other with Love

This is our world now

We cannot wait for the scientists, politicians and economists

To tell us about the poverty datum line

Or the latest social distancing trend

There should not be a poverty datum line

All lines should be about poetry, music and dancing

We have to get rid of inequality

Then politics will have to adjust to accommodate our new found existence

Let us be the candles inside the dark house of humanity

Uplift each other and be the bread for those who are poor and vulnerable

Let this world be ours


©Kenneth Maswabi


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