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This poem is about the substance of being

Poem: This Pen

This pen

It is not made up of extravagant feelings
Or tumultuous emotions
Oozing from an oversized ego
This pen is sacred to me
Because it is made from nothingness
No solid particles of elementary chemistry
Or broken pieces of biological ligaments
This pen is submerged into the substance of being
Tasting and measuring the conditions inside the heart
When the contours of emptiness are breached
And the fabric of existence is touched
A bounty of miraculous events happens
The mind is fine tuned to receive the vibrations of Silence
The body is dipped in an unknown form of hypnosis
The soul is freed from the shackles of physicality
Into the vastness of the everlasting realm
This is the evisceration of the spirit
The substance of Faith, Hope and Love
It is the beauty of spirituality
That is displayed on the canvas of being
This pen speaks about Love, Consciousness and humanity
Not to pinpoint gaps in our meshwork of mindsets
But to open the realm of knowing
And illuminate the Truth
Love is the receptacle
On which we can build our relationships
Consciousness is the fibers and contours of our relationships
Humanity is the perfect cord that binds us together
Faith helps us to understand the realm of the spirit
Hope is the pedestal on which we can dream
This pen is a compass that leads us back to our true selves

©Kenneth Maswabi


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