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This poem showcases the beautiful side of life.

Poem: This reality


This reality is not a construction of the mind

The tenets of logic are not enough

To address the needs of humanity

The laboratory of science and technology

Cannot afford the steep price of human consciousness

There is no experimentation

That can excavate the source of happiness or Love

Not even the matrix of artificial intelligence

Can come closer to addressing the cause of hopelessness

This reality is not born out of political and economic ideologies

Or religious doctrine

This reality is born out of nothingness (spirituality)

Unless you go back to your being

And empty yourself

You will always struggle

To find the central point of your existence

You will be full of fear, hopelessness and uncertainties

You will find solace in the fabric of materialism

Just for a little while

And then you will wallow in despair

Unable to uproot yourself

From the source of your pain, hopelessness and uncertainties

You will find yourself

Staring at large numbers (data) or empty skies

Fully depressed

It’s the wrong mirror

Learn to undress yourself (ego) first

And empty your body, mind and soul

Of all the fear, hopelessness and uncertainty

It’s through faith, hope and love

That you will find your true self

The purpose of life is not to enrich yourself

Or outcompete each other

On the race track of life

The purpose of life is to remain pure

Regardless of temptations, knowledge and achievements

To hold onto your nothingness

Regardless of identities, attachments and achievements

To get rid of any expectations

And embrace unconditional Love

This reality is a spiritual phenomenon

The physical element is a tiny portion

The entire edifice of our being

Is submerged in nothingness

Unless you close your eyes

And awaken your spirit

You will always find solace in the fabric of materialism

Look within

There is no ending to the abundance of the spirit

Your limitations are artificial and superficial

Your spirit is everlasting

Your destiny is Unconditional Love

No amount of time, space and knowledge

Can teach you the Truth

Only your true self

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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