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This poem is our story

Poem: This story is not yet written


The clouds are the supreme witnesses

While the sky is the guard of honour

I am a tiny speck inside the fabric of nothingness

You will never see me rise above anyone

I will always be the fibre of existence

The ray of hope will always be my home

And the garden of lovers is my work space

I am a butterfly inside the weightlessness of my being

I will not fly away to faraway realms

I will always nourish the substance of life

It might not sound like a lot

When I flap my wings inside your heart

But a path is weaved by those who are persistent

I will continue to weave my path inside your heart

It is not an intrusion of any sort

This path is also the illumination of your light

I am only a dreamer submerged in your dreams

I am a seeker inside your looking

I will not forsake or judge you

I will always offer you a bowl of unconditional love

Love, Consciousness and humanity are my modus operandi

This story is not yet written

This is actually not my story

It is our story and together we shall unravel its contents


©Kenneth Maswabi


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