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This is a poem about now…let’s focus.

Poem: This time


Let not the lantern of darkness shine bright again

Let those who are qualified hold the torch of humanity

To lead us to the future

Let’s learn from our mistakes and step out of this chaotic experience

It’s not the economy that will define the future

It’s the unfolded sail of consciousness

That will give us a bright future

It’s the contents of liberal minds that can find the path

It’s the ship of a well lubricated democracy that will bring us prosperity

Let the hype of nationalism take a back banner

And the true course of life be the discourse

It’s impossible to come together

When chaos is in the air

It’s impossible to hold the wind accountable

For its destructive effects

Let’s seek for peace under a calm sky

Let not the turbulent past dim our hope

Let the future be defined by men and women of valor

Not by the coward display of mistruths and lies

Not by a clouded bowl of politics

But by a peaceful charter of togetherness


Dedicated to the USA Election Day!!!

©Kenneth Maswabi





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