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This poem reveals a secret…it’s possible to rest in peace while you are still alive.

Poem: Thoughtless Existence


I used to pack my head full with thoughts

Not knowing how to package them nicely

I let them loose inside my mental framework

Not all of them were well behaved

Some thoughts just wanted to have fun

Yes, they were entertaining

But they were also exhausting

Consuming all my vital energies

I will wake up gloomy and exhausted

Other thoughts were too serious

Always surrounded by big questions and equations

Not that they wanted to conquer the world

But because they were addicted to mathematics and reason

Logic was their faith, solving problems was their mission

They were controlling and full of pride

There was another group of thoughts

These thoughts were full of wickedness

Deploying an evil web inside my mind

They wanted only to cause havoc

Not only to my psyche

But to those around me

There were competitive and bloated with wickedness

Full of jealousy, pride, greed and selfishness

These thoughts were mercenaries with no mercy

I caught them vomiting on my well-polished psyche

It was not nice stuff

It was acidic and sometimes evil

I had to clean up the mess they caused

Thank God I did not follow their ill-mannered path


I had to acquire a bigger broom and lots of spare time (spirituality)

In order to clean the whole substance of my mind

I had to sanitize every surface inside my psyche

And erected a thought proof fence around the whole of my mind

Nowadays they (thoughts) come on an invitation only ticket

I have surrounded myself with emptiness

And all my spare time is taken by Silence

I can rest in peace now

Inside my thoughtless existence

It’s heaven on earth


©Kenneth Maswabi







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