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This poem reveals a secret

Poem: Thoughts


In the delicate fabric of my mind

I will not put any negative thoughts

Actually I will put only silence

Not that I don’t like to think

Positive thoughts are fun

I can hold them all night

But I don’t want to think

I just want to follow silence

And be in the presence of nothingness

I want to feel the totality of my being

Fully naked under the cosmos of my consciousness

I want to be here and no where

I want to be all of us

Poor, rich and vulnerable

I want to reach that spot

Where we all are one

And all our material needs are irrelevant

All knowledge gone

All our identities useless

I want to be hypnotized

By the hands of nothingness

To be present inside stillness

I want to be the fibre of silence

To live inside the heart of existence

I want to be absent

Yet fully present

Inside the realm of the spirit

I will stay here for sometime

Then I will reach out

And pour myself into the cup of life

I will be fully clothed with the aroma of the spirit

And be warm, gentle and kind

I will be full of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi





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