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This poem is close to my heart.

Poem: Today


I am foraging closer to your heart

Just to nibble on the budding flowers

That surround your soul

I am here as your guest

To taste the waters of your spirit

To drink from the river of your being

Today, I overcame my fears

And moved closer to your heart

I hope I am not trespassing

On your elegant front porch

Forgive me if I am causing too much stir

Trampling on your Silence

I am here to get a glimpse of your radiant beauty

And maybe to touch your spirit

It is not my intention to cause a commotion

But I am hoping that I can be your dream tonight

So that I can feel the deepest parts of you

And occupy your soul

Here, I will be the guest of honour

And you will be my host

Together, we will fully vacate our worlds

And travel to the celestial realms

Or even the heavenly realms

Where we will be transformed

Into the most beautiful rays of hope

It is my dream, to be your dream

It is my hope, to be your hope

It is my destiny, to be inside your heart

Please, don’t close the door

Today, I want to be your beloved


©Kenneth Maswabi


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