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This poem speaks about the pandemic of overthinking in today’s world.

Poem: Today’s world – overthinking


Feet shuffling on the cold floor

Tears fill my eyes with snow

I am inside a broken relationship

There is loneliness inside my heart

I cannot go eat at the restaurant

I don’t have a dress to wear

My hat is too big

My phone is ringing

I am late for my doctor’s appointment

I cannot go on like this

I have to cut my hair

She is too cute

I need a beer

My dog needs a bath

I am sitting alone

There is no one

Where is everyone?

The line is too long

This breakfast is cold

The train is late

The rain is too much

The sun is hot

There is no meat

The fridge is empty

Nothing to eat

I am hungry

I am tired

I want to watch a movie

It is already time to sleep

Good night


©Kenneth Maswabi



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