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This poem exposes the hidden sorrow in people’s lives.

Poem: Tormented by sorrow


Like a swarm of bees

Sorrow follows me

In every moment

Sorrow engulfs not only my body

But my sanity and insanity

There is nowhere to hide

Even inside my head

Sorrow ravages the streets of my peace

I am not only a victim of this strange infestation

I am a carrier of sorrow, spreading it across people

Like a rabid dog, I bite not with my teeth

But with my disease

It is the putrid, rotten smell of sorrow

That lingers in the air long after I have gone

That torments and fiddles with people’s souls

Crushing and destroying their lives

This is not my story

It is a story meant to stir your spirit

To uncover the articles of sorrow in your life

To remove the lid from the pot of your horror

To start the healing process

Sorrow cannot be left alone

To cause unimaginable pain

Sorrow needs to be uncovered

Drained and pulverised

Layer by layer

Sorrow needs to be dismantled

And permanently erased from the human psyche

It is the duty of our collective consciousness

To rid the human psyche of any horrendous experiences

It is our duty to care and love each other


©Kenneth Maswabi







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