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This poem reveals the identity of toxic people.

Poem: Toxic people are among us


Someone has to say it

People are a source of all kinds of habits

These diverse spectrum of personalities is a mine of data

That help us explore the corners of our consciousness

The beautiful wilderness of consciousness is not hard to miss

In those who have beautiful smiles and a wild laughter

It is portrayed in lovers, dreamers and seekers

It is a source of hope, inspiration and nourishment to our spirit

The gentleness of some people is a breath of fresh air

A scoop of the most refined part of our spirit

It is not physique or rabid words that defines them

It is a totality of calmness, peace and true awareness

These people are nature’s butterflies

Colouring the skies of humanity with beautiful habits

Portraying the spirit within as a place of comfort, peace and happiness

The rugged nature of some people

Highlights the properties of the unprocessed ore of consciousness

With its darkness and deep pockets of poisonous venom

The chemistry of this substance is out of this world

Capable of destroying the entire global village

This is the substance of toxic people

Roaming our streets with swollen venomous fangs

Ready to bite anyone within reach

Toxic people are the most barbaric of the human species

Always ready to puncture the veil of peace

They have a reckless tendency of spilling their venom

And spraying it into the eyes of their friends, neighbours and colleagues

Sometimes even family members

They are a source of pain and suffering

Or even an all-out war in the community of human beings

Toxic people are everywhere, in every tribe, race and nation

They are found in religious gatherings, schools and playgrounds

They have infested the social media spaces and the corridors of power

They are always spreading their doctrine of hate and evil

Sometimes in subtle ways

But the agenda is always the same

To humiliate and pour scorn on the spirit of humanity


©Kenneth Maswabi





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