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This poem reveals various destinations with totally different realities.

Poem: Travelling


I have travelled the celestial route

In the thicket of the winter months

Through the harsh cosmic snow

I have been to the summit of the universe

It’s a night sky like no other

All the cosmic giants were present

Wearing their glittering and glamorous outfits

They are the sons and daughters of the universe

Pouring their light into the night sky

It was a celebration of the infinite night

A celestial opera


I have travelled into the substance of imagination

It’s a world with no weather

Every particle of light is self-assembled just for you

Every drop of rain is poured on the surface of your being

It’s a place of wonder and magical spells

Beauty is created in a blink of an eye

And stories are drawn on the canvas of the mind

There are no thorns to prick your skin

It’s a smooth world of hyperreality

Everything is sewn together in an instant

To please your roving eye


I have travelled to the realm of dreams

The fabric of reality is continuously changing

A smooth surface is not what it seems

A murky road can lead to the palace

A body of water can be trampled upon

The substance of reality is easily moulded

It’s a far more advanced world

Superimposing our known reality with magic

To produce a land of dreams


I have travelled inwards

Into the substance of nothingness

The sky is made up of Silence

There is no day or night

Every step is sacred

Every voice is divine

It’s a supernatural world

Where fear is absent

And the pillars of hope are made of light

It’s a magnificent place

It’s the most beautiful of all worlds

Beauty is not sewn on the fabric of reality

Beauty is reality

It’s impossible to be alone

Because aloneness is a gathering of all

And togetherness is refined to make solitude

It’s a peaceful world

It’s a realm of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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