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This poem opens a chest of treasure.

Poem: Treasured


In my simple life

I have seen so many things

I have been to different places

I have encountered so many beautiful moments

I have battled the challenges of this world

I have been blessed in so many ways

I have lost so many treasures

I have been victorious

I have been injured

Pierced by thorns of wickedness

I have bandaged so many wounds

And I have been bandaged

In so many ways

In all these encounters

I treasure not places but people

Amazing people

Gave me hope when I was lost

Kind people

Showed me the way to heaven

Humble people

Showed me the path to my inner self

Beautiful people

Gave me the fragrance of life

Generous people

Gave me the fruits of life

Loving people

Gave me life


©Kenneth Maswabi




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