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This poem is walking on the path to the Truth

Poem: True Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening


True consciousness has no boundaries

Consciousness cannot be described in terms of perceptions or any other algorithms

It is the absence of perceptions/logic that will clearly define the substance of consciousness

It is the full spectrum of consciousness that needs to be illuminated

To be fully conscious one needs to erase (temporarily) all his/her acquired knowledge

And awaken to the reality that existed before this constructed reality

This is the awakening of the spirit

You have to abandon your dependency on logic and reason

Forget all the pathways of acquired knowledge

These are unnecessary baggage on your pursuit of true consciousness

It is only through the nakedness of the spirit that true consciousness is illuminated

The Light within is far more intense than we can ever imagine

It is the fullness of all knowledge and the emptiness of all knowledge

That forms the basis of true consciousness

For you to hold knowledge, understanding and wisdom

You have to exit the perimeter of logic

And be empty of yourself (ego)

It is only through the emptying of the substance of being

That true consciousness can be fully displayed (Silence within)

It is this display that surpasses all knowledge

It is the possibility of all impossibilities

That will be displayed in your being

It is faith, hope and Love

True consciousness is not controlled by the human mind

It is the substance of peace, happiness, hope, freedom and unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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