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This poem opens a can of worms.

Poem: Truly speaking


The advent of reality as a continuous entity has been broken

Now many are standing on the pedestal of madness

Demanding to be freed from the current definition of reality

It’s true that reality is not easy to prescribe

Or to characterize on the billboard of life

At its core, reality is a disjointed entity

That relies on the deep foundation of our collective consciousness

To hold its face on the platform of life

Reality is being challenged by some

Not on the basis of true deformities of the structure of consciousness

But on the malformation of our belief and information systems

Technology has added an extra burden on the nature of reality

Unveiling a brand new form of reality called virtual reality

For eons of years mankind has shunned dreams as a form of reality

Relegating the realm of dreams to the junk yard

Denying mankind a rich form of knowing

Now technology has forced humanity to adopt a totally foreign concept

And pasted it all over our faces

Our children are hooked to this new form of reality

Spending many hours of their young lives staring at nothing but concepts of reality

Selfishness, greed and power mongering is also forcing others to denounce our common form of reality

Where the truth is the substance that dominates the fibre of reality

Now shiny lies are constructed alongside the main framework of reality

This newly refurbished layer of ill-constructed reality is attracting many to its lounge

Politicians and religious leaders are leading this new movement of detachment from reality

Feeding the masses with falsified information on a daily basis

The public is now bloated with lies, deception and untruths

Our minds are being corrupted at an accelerated rate

Our conscience is being eroded

Our collective consciousness is paralyzed

Hysteria is now the new form of ecstasy

© Kenneth Maswabi





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