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This poem is an eye opener.

Poem: Two dreams, two realms

In the land of logic

No one speaks the language of my dreams

Everyone is counting numbers in their dreams

When the voice of the spirit (Silence) is the material of my dream

Money is the hard shell of their material pursuits

I find amusement in assembling my inner being

And they are delighted by the sophisticated fabric of materialism

I have visited the mysterious realm of the spirit

To fetch my mystical spells

They have visited the template of wealth (logic)

To create the foundation of their dreams

I drank from the oasis of Silence

To open the curtain of tranquillity within my inner being

They have travelled to the most exotic places

To wallow in their man-made world of dreams

Sitting in the realm of emptiness, I am absorbed by nothingness

Sitting in the abundance of material wealth, they are intoxicated

I am a dreamer inside the vastness of consciousness

They are dreamers inside the confined space of physical reality

It’s not my dream I am worried about

In my dream I have found the fibre of my being

In my dream I have tasted the tranquillity of the spirit

In my dream I am fully clothed with the garment of Love

It’s their dream that gives me sleepless nights

It’s the delicious taste of money that is full of venom

Their dream is an injection of the most potent dose of selfishness

© Kenneth Maswabi



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