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This poem expands on the uncertainties of life during the COVID-19 Outbreak especially for single mothers, small business owners and breadwinners.

Poem: Uncertainty (COVID-19 Outbreak)

It’s hard to think

When you are inside the house of uncertainty

Every moment is fully loaded with questions

Every hour brings with it both hope and despair

Every day is bathed with gigantic numbers of people dying

Every week is punctured by the incoming numbers of new infections

It’s hard to think

When everything you touch is potentially a lethal dose of coronavirus

Everywhere you go brings you closer to the epicentre of the outbreak

Every point on earth is potentially contaminated

Every case brings you back to the drawing board

Every news hour is painted with sorrow

Every newspaper is full of covid-19 news

Every economic forecast is bloated with hopelessness

It’s hard to think

When you have children sitting at home

When you are a single mother

When you are a breadwinner

When you are small business owner

When you are a dependent on the streets for your survival

It’s hard to think


© Kenneth Maswabi


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