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This poem reveals the spirit of goodness and selflessness.

Poem: Unconditional Love, Consciousness and Humanity


With all the calculators in the world

You cannot calculate the value of unconditional Love

It is not a difficult question, it’s beyond comprehension

Unconditional Love is the calm flame that stirs the soul

Opening channels of beautiful and sacred vibes

That overpowers even the stingiest person

Persuading them to open their hearts

And be submerged in ecstasy

Unconditional Love is the calculator that has no numbers

Just the spirit of goodness and a touch of selflessness


Consciousness is a canvas on which we exist

As either characters of clay or waters of the spirit

It is the unfolded canvas displayed on the portrait of existence

That binds or frees us to wallow on the fabric of life

Every time we step on each other’s toes, we make a big tear on this canvas

Every time we show each other affection and love, it is totally renewed

So, it is our actions that determine the brokenness or the wholeness of our existence

Consciousness is a canvas that was created from nothingness

To address our deep seated need as spirit beings – unconditional Love

But the emergence of ego has brought tremendous pain to our collective consciousness

Injecting us with selfishness, fear and wickedness

Erasing all the wonderful intentions from the manuscript of our lives

Erecting a monument of toxicities and unsustainable ripples on the face of our existence

Consciousness is a canvas on which we learn to co-exist as separate entities of the same spirit

Bound together by unconditional Love


Humanity is the platform to express our being

Regardless of all our diverse acquired tastes, desires, needs and wants

Regardless of identities, attachments, expectations and achievements

Regardless of our differences in race, religion, colour, gender, stature and geographical location

Humanity offers us a tent to pray together, eat together and be one inside the house of life

Humanity gives us the reason to hold hands and be totally submerged in unconditional Love

To embrace our inner being (spirit/consciousness) and to sit on the pedestal of hope


©Kenneth Maswabi




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