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This poem is divine.

Poem: Unconditional Love


In the mind of Man

Unconditional Love is an impossibility

In the mind of God

Unconditional Love is the only possibility

It takes some form of insanity (unconditional love)

To cross this bridge

And reunite the spirit of God with that of Man

This is the ultimate Spirituality

It takes only unconditional Love

For one to be with God

In this Spirituality

One does not need any ego

Or identity, religion, race and wealth

To cross this bridge

One needs faith, hope and love

To embrace God

It’s not an impossibility

To walk naked inside the path of Light

It’s the ultimate reality

Unfolded inside the fibre of existence

Unconditional Love is the perfect state of being

Not tainted by expectations, attachments, achievements, selfishness or wickedness

Unconditional Love is the pedestal of existence

To really taste reality

One has to undress the self of the fear of the unknown

And put on the garment of Love

This is the path of Light



©Kenneth Maswabi




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