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This poem paves the way of silence.

Poem: Unfollowing the guidelines

Silence is not a book of records
Nothing is prescribed
Nothingness is an opportunity
To be free from all your entanglements
To be who you really are
The most important beautiful existence
The path of an amazing experience
The best of the best in the book of creation
It is not your scars or brokenheartedness
Or even your polished professional profile
It is the deepest part of being
The absence of the delusions and illusions of ego
The perfect imperfection
The pedestal of hope and the river of life
The awakened self fully illuminated
The ocean of awareness fully displayed
The past, present and future all in one moment
The best moment fully erected
The tabernacle of peace, happiness and Love
There are no guidelines in the everlasting realm
Just Love and be in Love
Unconditional Love is the only reality
©Kenneth Maswabi

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