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This poem unveils the highest level of consciousness

Poem: Untitled


In my world

Where nothingness is celebrated

And our voice is Silence

Our garment is Love

Like children

We don’t hold titles or identities

We have no hierarchy

Unconditional Love is our honour

Only the spirit roams our hearts

We don’t celebrate anything else

We are not fond of attachments or achievements

Because we are at the core of existence

All our attachments and achievements have been eviscerated

You cannot find a speck of ego in our being

Because our being is made of emptiness

It’s the habitat of unconditional Love

Our mantle is humility, peace and happiness

Our faith is Love

Our strength is Hope

Our being is an everlasting substance of freedom

There are no laws to tie us down

There are no expectations to burden our hearts

We exist in the highest faculty of consciousness

We are not on any race track

Competition is unknown

Individualism is an abomination

We are an ocean of nothingness

That is held together by unconditional Love

Our eyes have been sealed

Our hearts awakened

We see beyond time and space

We are spirit beings

Fully occupying the path of Light

Awareness is our vision

We are on a mission of Love

Our motto is unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi





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