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This poem is aa final call to board the vaccination plane.

Poem: Unvaccinated


Now, let us open this Pandora’s box

But first I have to put my antivenom close by

I might be stung while performing this lobectomy

It is the epistle of common sense that I hold in my heart

Let us all remember the nonsense of yesterday

And dip ourselves in the river of reflection

Are the conspirators here with us?

What happened to those who lost their lives?

Can we agree to disagree?

Pandemics are dangerous stuff

Let us not play with their mouths

Lest we find ourselves buried in their trail /entrails

Let’s look forward

Do we want to see the truth?

Or are we still stuck in the mud of lies and deceit?

The dust is lifting, I hope everyone can now see the truth

Planet Earth might be a dangerous place

But most of the time, the danger comes from within us

Let us introspect and re-live our decisions

We have to find our logic and dismantle it

Then we can look at life with fresh eyes

It is time to get vaccinated

So that we can all go back to our old ways

The door is open, the future is bright


©Kenneth Maswabi

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