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This poem opens a wound…let’s all stop gender-based violence.

Poem: Vanity of vanities


In his arms

He allowed selfishness to grow

In his heart

He closed all doors to goodness

In his mind

He is a successful family man


In her eyes

She held tears of agony

In her face

She allowed sorrow to solidify

In her heart

She is the monument of hopelessness

To her friends (family)

She presented a face of silence


In his hands

He found the hands of brutality

In his heart

He stirred the pot of wickedness

In his life

He is a roaring storm


In her sorrow

She found a tabernacle of hopelessness

In her suffering

She found a well of pain

In his brutality

She projected a face of love

It’s the world of Gender-based violence

That left them in a state of hopelessness

One way or the other, they all need help


Say no to gender-based violence


©Kenneth Maswabi


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