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This is a poem of hope in the land of hopelessness.

Poem: Wash me, Oh Lord


In the land of hopelessness

I am buried in a grave of uncertainty

Not a single ray of hope in sight

I am under the heavy burden of disease

Wash me, oh Lord

Of all the thick phlegm in my lungs

Wash me, oh Lord

Of all the hopelessness in my spirit

Wash me, oh Lord

Of all the uncertainty in my mind

Fill me with hope

May I be the path of Light

Where hopelessness does not dwell

Where diseases are unknown

Where uncertainty does not exist

May I find the joy of the spirit

And wallow in the bowl of nothingness

May your Light shine

All over this desolate land

May your Spirit be known

Unto all the corners of the world

As it’s in the vastness of eternity

As you open the heavens

May the heart of Man be your cup

As you pour your Love

Into the bowl of our existence

May the ray of hope fill our hearts


Dedicated to those who are sick with Covid-19 disease

©Kenneth Maswabi


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