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This poem reveals a deep secret.

Poem: We are drowning in uncertainty


Because of lack of true knowledge

We are drowning in uncertainty

It is now certain

That uncertainty is a substance

That envelopes our being from the outside

Unless you unhook your eyes from the things of this world

And pour yourself on the carpet of existence (Emptiness)

You will always be at the mercy of uncertainty

You have to find time to consume the substance of nothingness (Silence)

And nourish your spirit with the fruits of the spirit (compassion, humility, peace…etc)

It’s true the contents of this world are beautiful and attractive

Fully loaded with succulent tastes and exotic desires

Some have fallen for the pot of materialism with its golden froth

Swallowing every bits and pieces from this appetizing dish

Following everything that glitters from the billboard of this life

Intoxicating themselves with selfishness and wickedness

Not aware of the dangers within

We have solidified ourselves on the branches of this illusion

We have formed identities, attachments and expectations

Binding ourselves to the perilous world of time and space

We have fully dressed ourselves with the contents of uncertainty (fear and hopelessness)

And left our true selves (spirit) malnourished and dejected

It is not too late to undress yourself of the garment of hopelessness and fear (uncertainty)

And dress yourself with the substance of nothingness (unconditional Love)

Address your spiritual needs

And fully take responsibility for your trips into the physical world

It is the stillness within that you have to safe guard and nourish

Don’t be fooled by the flirting hands of desire

Or the heavy hand of sorrow

You are a bastion of hope, happiness and peace

You are the everlasting substance (spirit) of unconditional Love

Your work in this world is to fulfil your purpose

To drink from the river of life

And pour yourself on the fabric of existence (Love)

It is wise to know yourself and even wiser to Love yourself

It is divine to Love others and to Love God


©Kenneth Maswabi






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