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This poem is a wake up call…let’s celebrate the new year with our hearts (spirit).

Poem: We cannot forget

In a little while
The year will close its big doors
Another year will pop out of nothingness
We are going to celebrate the New Year
But we cannot forget
The assumptions that we made when 2020 began
We made lots of absent-minded reflections and resolutions
We rode into that year with our usual carelessness
Wearing our normal shady mindsets
We cared less about the news coming from the east (China)
We made plans like it was normal
We should have gathered our loved ones
And opened our hearts
We should have listened to the wind
And fastened our belts
We should have fallen on our knees
And prayed
Maybe we will have averted this disastrous year
Or just made it less painful
We could have stopped all our normal foolishness
And attended to our politically divided mindsets
We could have listened to our consciousness
And closed our eyes to pettiness
We should have cancelled all our hectic schedules
And gathered under the tent of humanity
To strategize and come up with a better plan
We could have saved many lives
It’s not too late
To gather all our notes
And count our losses
We have to move on
We have to forgive and forget
We have to heal
We have to wipe our tears
And be prepared
This time we are going to make resolutions
With our hearts bandaged
Our hopes shattered
Our tears flowing
This time we are going to pray for a better year
We are going to follow the path of Light
And hold faith, hope and love in our hearts
We are going to celebrate
Not just a New Year
We are going to celebrate our newfound humanity
Our new normal, our new abnormal
Our consecrated future
Kenneth Maswabi

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