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This poem touches on some truths.


Poem: We did not understand


The full scale of consciousness

Can be reduced to nothing

Inside the moment of fear

The fibre of life

Can be cut into small pieces

Inside the heart of wickedness

The canvas of existence

Can be sold to the highest bidder

Inside the tent of selfishness

The ray of hope

Can be reduced to a blur

Inside the intense moment of hopelessness

It’s only through knowledge, understanding and wisdom

That we can eliminate the rule of fear

It’s only by hope, faith and love

That we can penetrate the thick armour of hopelessness

It’s only through the illuminated realm of awareness

That we can know the shabbiness of selfishness

It’s only inside the invincible fence of Love

That we can fully defeat wickedness

Consciousness, spirituality and existence

Can only be fully understood

Outside the inflated bubble of Ego

True knowledge is not taught in the classroom

It flows from the womb of existence

Through the umbilical cord of life

Into the bowl of our hearts

The Truth will set you free

Not to wallow in the pool of confusion

But to drink from the river of life

Love is the garment of the spirit

In Love, we find our true purpose

In Love we find our true self

We did not understand

Now we are full of clarity

God is Love

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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