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This poem weaves a path of glory.

Poem: Weaving


Like a basket full of threads

I am a continuous mystery

A pastry of delicious poems

A tasty meal of the spirit

I am a weaver of nothingness

On the scaffold of existence

I paste my emptiness

A taste of my solitary madness

Silence is my unbroken thread

Treading the path of the unknown

I am only following the path of the needle (Light)

As it pierces the fabric of existence

I am a servant of the spirit

Totally enveloped in nothingness

My heart is like a broken piece of life

In need of mending and polishing

I have to pick up myself

And make a portrait of life

It is not easy to dwell in the land of Man

Everything is blasted with a price tag

I want to share my priceless stories

In the open sky of your heart

Don’t judge yourself if you don’t understand

The dimensionless realm is not a place like yours

It is a timeless phenomenon

An abundance of pure Love

Makes me draw from the sacred river of life

In my attempt to quench your thirst

It is the substance of my being

Displayed inside each and every poem

Touch every line and feel the smoothness of every thread

This is the true essence of Life

To be free inside the cubicle of life

Not inhabited or inhibited by material illusions, scientific theorem

Or possessed by religious dogma

You have to weave your own spiritual path

Fight to know and understand your true self

This is the way of the spirit


©Kenneth Maswabi




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