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This poem is a celebration of poetry

Poem: Welcome back Poetry


I knew you will come back

Even as I was wrapped in the cords of uncertainty

My body, mind and soul kidnapped by fear of the unknown

I was comforted by the relationship I share with you

Your companionship has always filled me with courage

Your presence is a taste of peace, happiness and love

Together, we have travelled to the most beautiful places

That are filled with magical omelettes and beautiful spells

There is certainty in your eyes

And I have seen the spark of beauty emerge from your heart

It is not my fault that I am human

I cannot judge myself for the occasional state of confusion

It is your voice that fills me with hope

Your embrace is all I need

I will suffer many nights of discord

I will be tormented by the sharp lessons of life

But in you, I know I have found a friend

You are a friend in need and a friend indeed

I am fortunate to have known you

You have given me the keys to your heart

Allowing me to roam inside the vastness of your being

I have searched inside your heart

And all I found was an ocean of unconditional Love

For me, life is a desolate place without you

It has nothing much to offer me

My taste buds have become accustomed to the fruits of your heart

My tongue is always yearning for the succulent nectar from the petals of your heart

My lips are sealed tight when you are absent

This is my confession, I love you Poetry

©Kenneth Maswabi


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