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This poem implores you to select your words wisely.

Poem: What are words?


I woke up today

With words splattered on my mind

I could not read

Because my eyes were closed

It was a dream

But what are words?

If I can scream

I will pour out a few

If I can dream

I will purr out a few

If I am awake

I will put a few to use

To address you

And undress my thoughts

It’s the words that make me unreal

How can a few sounds

Make sense

Unless words are more than sounds

Words are the true wires

That bind us together

Sometimes in pain

And also in laughter

Words are fully clothed

With the substance of our being

Watch your tongue

We might see the colour of your soul

I am not saying you should keep quiet

All I am saying is that words are beautiful pieces of us

Don’t pour them with recklessness

Be gentle

And build yourself a pedestal of words

To lift you into higher levels of consciousness

Words for some of us are sacred

We can only pour them into the heart

As a show of our Love

But most of the time

We pour ourselves into the bowl of Silence


©Kenneth Maswabi



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