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This poem celebrates the beauty in all poems.

Poem: What happens to the poem if no one reads it?


The poem is a creature of timelessness

Even though it has come a long way onto the table of our attention

It continues to exist faraway from here in heavenly realms

Like the moonlight that passes through your window

Or the distant stars that give us a glimpse of the cosmos

It is not bothered by your careless attention

It is here to offer your soul the soothing attention it deserves

To unveil the palate of beauty inside your spirit

To unwind and relax inside your heart

The poem emerges from the unknown

Fully clothed with the light of beauty, hope and Love

It is a messenger travelling between realms

Not tiring and not lost

The poem is here to find you and talk to you

It is here to comfort you and be with you

Like a glimpse into the unknown

The poem speaks the language of the spirit

Even though it is sometimes clothed in sorrow

The poem is here to tell you about Love

The bowl of unconditional Love is always full of tears

Not because it is a place of pain and sadness

But because it is a place of healing

The poem is a first aid kit for the soul

It is ever ready to mend deep wounds

And nourish the substance of being

It holds the key to the sacred mirror

That reflects the deepest part of your heart

Like all natural wonders

It is not a fragment of beauty

It is the substance of beauty

Even when left unseen

It radiates with life-giving stuff


©Kenneth Maswabi



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