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This poem is  a beautiful spiritual lesson.

Poem: What i learnt today

There are no limits in life
We can only limit ourselves
Through our mental construction
We have built a litany of barriers and obstacles
We have buried ourselves in uncertainty, fear and hopelessness
We have barricaded ourselves in the realm of logic
Unwilling to let go of the equations of life
We have entangled ourselves with desires, needs and expectations
We don’t know our true selves anymore
We are walking textbooks, syllabuses or curriculums
We are forever looking at the constructed billboard of success
We are suffocated by our own mental framework
Today, I learnt to unlearn stuff
I learnt to un-understand my life circumstances
And be willing to delve into the realm of consciousness
Today, I learnt the lesson of existence
It is not the brain matter that makes life pleasant or painful
It is the substance of being that makes life a beautiful place
Unless, we understand our true selves
We will forever carry the burdens of life
And miss out on the opportunity to be with God
Today, I leant to be with God
To let go of my needs, desires and wants
And just be

©Kenneth Maswabi

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