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This poem is a glass of Silence.

Poem: When i was drunk with Silence


My thoughts were nowhere to be found

Lost in the dimensionless realm

I could not feel my sanity

Or palpate my insanity

I was only holding to Silence

The substance of my being released

To roam the endless realm of nothingness

I was far away from existence

Yet I felt alive

I was far away from death

Yet I felt nothingness caress my being

It is not courage that is required

To enter the fortress of the spirit

It’s the absence of fear

That will bring you to the house of Silence

Silence is a habitat for those who are thirsty

The seekers and the drifters

Cannot stay attached to the cord of life

They have to drink from the bowl of nothingness

The dreamers and the lovers

Intoxicated with the unknown

Are always present inside the mystery of Silence

Silence is a hospice

For those who are looking for peace

A beautiful oasis for those who find themselves in dire straits

Silence is a path of Light

For the humble and the gentle

A summit of knowing and a pedestal of hope

For the spiritually awake


©Kenneth Maswabi




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