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This poem weaves a path of light (awareness)

Poem: When logic is too shallow


To address the question of our being

I will not deploy logic

In its finite mind

Logic has no answers

To the intricate question of existence

Neither mathematics nor physics was deployed

To weave the characteristics of our being

It’s totally useless to stand in front of the classroom of life

And denounce the existence of the spirit

It requires neither knowledge nor understanding

To taste the substance of the spirit

It requires only awareness

To be inside the realm of the spirit

Awareness is the hidden door of consciousness

That brings you to the temple of Love

Upon entering this realm

You are fully transformed

Not into pieces of variables (statistics)

Poor or rich, black or white

But into the most magnificent being

Not describable or paintable

No identity or form can fully describe your character

You become your true self

Neither time nor space can define your existence

Only kindness, compassion, humility and peace

Can illuminate your mandate

Only hope, faith and love can fully explain your character

You are the fibre of existence

Consciousness and unconsciousness are weaved in you

Reality flows from your being

Sorrow and joy are costumes

To paint your being

Not to bring hopelessness

But to illuminate the presence of hope

To showcase the substance of faith in you

Allowing Love to flow

Clothed in this Light (awareness)

The question of our being is fully addressed


©Kenneth Maswabi


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