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This poem speaks of hope.

Poem: Where is tomorrow?

I have never been this desperate

To have a glimmer of hope

To open the curtain of time

And look the rising sun

I want to see tomorrow

And be present inside his rays

I want not the bitterness of yesterday

Or the coldness of today

I want to feel the sunshine

Pelting its way into my skin

I want to touch the ray of hope

And drink from the goblet of dreams

I want to say goodbye to today

Leave behind my sadness

I want to undress my past

Address my future

There are bright rays ahead

I can see them with my eyes closed

They are the fibres of tomorrow

Glowing in dark

When tomorrow comes

I will not ask questions

I will hold him

And be his dream

I will love him

With all my heart

Just show me the way

I want to find tomorrow


©Kenneth Maswabi


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