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This poem is not a question

Poem: Who is weaving my dreams?



Within the brackets of life
I am a question mark
Looking for its answers
Under the illuminated tabernacle of Silence
I have nothing to declare
My identities have been erased
My attachments disconnected
I am a Seeker on the path of Light
My existence is meaningless
Except I travel the path of emptiness
And unveil the contents of nothingness
It’s a beautiful experience to not exist
Inside the world of logic
But to transverse dimensions
Into the dimensionless realm
To undress myself of my desires and ego
And be naked from any forms of possessions
I have no desire to intoxicate myself with the substance of materialism
I am searching for the one who is weaving my dreams
I am looking for the source of Silence in my life
I am a dream that is looking for the dreamer
My life is like a flowing river, it is meant to water other life forms
And bring life to the garden of existence
I am unwavering in my search for my true self
I want to know the realm from which unconditional Love flows
Forgive me if I am illogical
Logic is not my favourite subject
I hold multiple dimensions inside my being
But my favourite is the dimensionless realm
And Silence emerges from this day dream
Who is weaving my dreams?

©Kenneth Maswabi



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