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This poem is the substance of being.

Poem: Why not?


The canopy of life is a lonely place sometimes

Why not be like a bird and fly away?

Conquer the blue skies

And be like the breeze

Untouchable and free

Why not?

Soar high above the storms of life

Far into the invincible calmness

Go beyond the perimeter of your circumstances

Into the realm of nothingness

Touch the substance of Silence

And be the filament of mystery

Why not?

Caress the smooth surface of life

Until you are the cup of ecstasy

Fill the vesicle of existence with your perfume

Open the windows of heaven

And let the sacred light pour down

Why not?

Hold the breath of life

Until all its beauty is revealed

Find the true face of life

And paint it with colours of peace

Submerge yourself in the ocean of awareness

And be free from your curious thoughts

Eat from the table of happiness

And let your emotions sing

Why not?

Be a poem

And fill the canopy of life with your beautiful spirit


©Kenneth Maswabi



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