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This poem is a bowl of wisdom.

Poem: Why should i wait?


In old age, my eyes will be dilapidated

My sight gobbled by the many years of toil

Inside the darkness of the constructed reality

I don’t want to wait for the time I am retired

When no one else is around my vision

Because all of my sessions have exhausted my passion

I don’t want to wait for my voice to start crackling under pressure

For my dreams to run out of fuel

And my mind to develop an urgent sense of amnesia

I want to drink from the river of life now

When all my senses are still intact

I want to submerge my body, mind and soul into the Silence within

And listen to the everlasting tintinnabulation of my being

It is not that I have plenty of time in my hands

I just don’t want to wait until I am old

To hear the voice of stillness inside my spirit

To understand the language of the soul

I don’t want to wait for the droplets of wisdom to trickle into my being

I have access to the whole ocean of awareness now

I will not allow ego or any algorithms of logic to build a wall

Between my body, mind and soul

I want to remove all barriers

So that my spirit can roam free

And my heart can be nourished with love

I just want to hold the truth in my heart

And be the illuminated light inside the tabernacle of being


©Kenneth Maswabi



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