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This poem is a warning…do not be deceived.

Poem: Wickedness

No one formulated this concoction

There is no formula to this equation

There is no hope in this malignancy

It’s a cancer that destroys the mind, body and spirit

A venomous monster that pounces on those with bad intentions

Wickedness is breeding sons and daughters

Spreading lies and deceit

In the name of politics, religion and business

Wickedness is a pedestal for the foolish

It’s jolly to lick the pot of wickedness

To hold the evil spell in your hands

And wish bad against your fellow human beings

But there is no crown or garment for the wicked

There is only hopelessness

It doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich

To embrace wickedness is to face doom

There is no other message for the wicked

But for them to change their ways


© Kenneth Maswabi



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