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This poem pours some light into certain aspects of words.

Poem: Words of Tyranny


I have listened to so many words

It’s not their delicate shell that is filled with meaning

It’s the contents of the heart that gives words meaning

Sometimes words are intricately woven to produce beautiful poems

Other times words are perfectly arranged to give life to a story

But there are times when words are filled with potent spells

To infuse confusion and delude the mind

These are the words of tyranny unleashed

Words are not just soft sounds from the vocal cords

Or some randomly dislodged pieces of our psyche

Words are spiritual entities fully manifested

It does not take a genius to pour toxic words on the fabric of the mind

It takes only a deeply disturbed heart to unleash havoc with words

The human psyche is a delicate environment

That is not only full of brain matter

But is encapsulated with fear, hopelessness and loneliness

It’s these spiritual aspects of the psyche

That are easily swayed by toxic words

It’s the thin layer of uncertainties inside the mind

That is easily filled with poisonous ideas

Erupting into a pot of boiling delusions

That contains an inflammable substance of thoughts

Poured on the carpet of life

It ignites like a fire and can easily engulf the collective consciousness

This aspect of the mind is disruptive, chaotic and unhinged

Sometimes exploding into total mayhem

We cannot trace this loss of control to any known psychological disorder

But we can fully establish its spiritual source

It’s born out of fear of the unknown

It’s only through Faith, Hope and Love

That one is immunized against words of tyranny

It’s only through the cultivation of the spirit

That we are set free from the poisonous effects of these words

Be in Love and be the Love







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