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This poem is not about unhappiness

Poem: World Happiness Report


It is a beautiful world

Everyone in the world is happy about their well being

That is the World Happiness Report today

This version of the report will never see the light of day

As long as humanity is surrounded by selfishness, greed and hatred

Earth is a big and beautiful place that can feed, dress and make us all merry

But the mind of Man is a hostile place with competing interests

On one lobe, we have the ethical boundaries that guide us to do good

And on the other, we have socioeconomic forces that make us clash with each other

It is almost impossible to find common ground

Individualism, competition and capitalism are some of the forces of unhappiness

That have driven humanity to the verge of depression and suicidal ideations (nuclear holocaust)

Expectations, timelines and busy schedules are all sources of unhappiness

The narrow definition of success has truly pushed us into a corner

The need to acquire material possessions has been put on top of the list of our priorities

Resulting in a life of toil, turmoil and distress (uncertainty)

What really went wrong in our formula for success and happiness?

Did our mathematicians get it all wrong?

Happiness is not a physical state

It is a spiritual state of being that is not governed by any physical laws

It is neither material possessions nor poverty that drives the sense of happiness

Happiness is an element of consciousness

To be truly happy one needs to undress their consciousness

And address the elephant in the room

We need to awaken the spirit within

In order to liberate ourselves from a life of unhappiness

We need to reject the world of uncertainty

And dress ourselves with the particles of the illuminated Light (faith, hope and Love)

We need to submit ourselves to the wisdom within

And be filled with the everlasting awareness

True and lasting happiness stems from the bowl of nothingness

A life of surrender (emptiness) and unconditional Love

One for all, and all for one


©Kenneth Maswabi


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