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This is a poem about yesterday, a moment in time that we can never enjoy again.

Poem: Yesterday


You live only in my mind now

No traces left behind by your juice lips

That touched my heart with magic spells

Not even your lipstick on my cheeks

You were too secretive

Refusing to allow me to record our conversation

You held me with your soft hands

And submerged me in the bliss of your palms

You are a once in a lifetime moment

That will remain sealed in my mind

I want to turn back the hands of time

So I can lick your nectar again

I really want to feel your heart beat again

As it pushes the buttons in my heart

I want to feel your lips

Flowing over my body

Like the waterfalls of the great Victoria falls

I want to be your secret rendezvous

To know your beauty was a blessing

To be held in your hands was beyond imagination

I am forever enchanted by your flirtatious eyes

That seemed to know my innermost desires

I felt like a rose in an unattended garden

That finally got to taste the sweetness of Love

You are my secret

To be cherished

In the privacy of my mind

I love you forever


©Kenneth Maswabi



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