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This poem releases the grip of ego and unveils the curtain of nothingness.

Poem:Let the ego die


Stop the drip

Let the ego die

It’s for your own good

That you detach yourself

From the madness

Amputate the mind of ego

And hold not to its delusion

Cut all the cords of attachments and identities

Free yourself from the web of confusion

Untie your limitations

And fall into the realm of possibilities

Let Love be your path, message and destiny

Submerge yourself into the bowl of existence

Let your true self emerge from the curtain of nothingness

Let your fabric be the foundation of eternity

Let your heart be the portal to the realm of Light

It’s for your own good

That you should close your eyes

And dip yourself in the everlasting awareness

It’s here where you will find freedom

You will undress yourself from fear

And put on the garment of hope, faith and Love

You will be illuminated

Not because of your achievements

But because you are the Light

You will be lifted

Not because of your identities

But because you are the Truth

You will be loved

Not because of your attachments

But because you are the Love

You will find the river of life

Inside the emptiness of your heart

You will be counselled

By the ever present voice of Silence

Your existence will be celebrated in high places

And your spirit will find rest

Inside the ocean of consciousness

You will be cherished

By the heart of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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