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The Covid-19 pandemic has created a difficult situation for all. Some professions have suffered more than others. Almost 800,000 people were laid off from jobs that aren’t coming back after the pandemic. 


This can be because our society is changing rapidly and these workers are being replaced by more efficient technology. No matter the reason, it may be good for you to consider a career change. Here are a few professions that survived the Covid-19 pandemic. 


All the professionals in the healthcare sector were in the front lines saving and treating people from the virus. But nurses are the workers that do a lot of the day-to-day labor and are the most overlooked. Becoming a nurse can take from two to four years, but it is a rewarding career path. 


Plus, they are always in high demand, more so during the pandemic with the huge increase of patients in clinics and hospitals. If you like to help others and are looking for a professional that will help you make a difference, nursing could be for you. Research how you can start and make a career change that will ensure your future. 

Personal Trainers

When the pandemic started, a lot of countries worldwide put a mandatory lockdown where everyone had to stay inside and could only go out for food and basic necessities. It was a hard time for many people mentally and emotionally. And for those that were used to working out, going to the gym, or going out for a run, staying inside all day doing nothing was torture. 


The lockdown was lifted after a few months, but now, almost at the end of the year, many countries are implementing lockdowns again. This is where personal trainers are helping people by offering their services online. They give classes and teach routines through videoconferencing and help people stay active from the safety of their homes. The profession survives the pandemic, although most of the job opportunities were freelance projects. 


The education industry suffered a huge impact from the pandemic, especially at the beginning. Education had to continue at all levels, after all, it is the way our society can progress. Teachers saved the day by doing rapid transitions into online learning with zero preparation, and, most of the time, not knowing how to use the tools that allow them to do online classes. 


But even for pre-school, teachers found a way to continue teaching kids, even if it was just a few hours a day. Most teachers continue their jobs and didn’t see a change in their salaries. Plus, in some countries, it became common for teachers to offer their services as tutors for extra lessons when kids were having a hard time with online learning. Overall, the profession was very resilient to the crisis that Covid-19 created.  

Software Engineering

Software engineers are the professionals behind many of the technologies we use today. They develop the operating systems that allow us to use computers, smartphones, and other devices. They can also develop programs, applications, and other software and maintain them. The reason this profession is on this list is a no brainer.


Since the pandemic started everyone has been using much more Internet, digital platforms, and all forms of technology than ever before. We use it to work, study, communicate with friends and family, research, entertainment, and many other daily activities. Thus, the demand for software engineers skyrocketed during the pandemic. 


These professionals were already in high demand before the pandemic. The excellent job outlook, resilience, great salaries, and incredible perks are just some of the few reasons you should consider this career path. Another reason is that you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to become a software engineer. You can enroll in coding bootcamps and become a software engineer in a matter of months. Bootcamps offer many financial options so you can afford to invest in yourself. 

In Summary

The professions that were resilient to the pandemic were the ones that could adapt to remote work or that were essential to fighting the pandemic. That’s why nursing, personal training, teaching, and software engineering are part of this list. If any of these interest you, you can start researching how you can enter these fields and compare them to know which one is best suited to your goals. 

Professions That Survived The Covid-19 Pandemic

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