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The sky was high,high above
Like a hot,hot summer sky,
The sun scourging so high.
The rain could be miles and miles away
But so sudden it came like a doom day!

Behind the yard, ‘agagai’ yelling for rain
Then in a flash, thick clouds came hurring from west,
Blinding and hidding the sun behind pregnant clouds
As catastrophic anarchy got lose upon nature
To announce the arrival of earth’s pompus guest.

From their slumbering beds,
Sleeping winds awake in terrific rage:
Blowing and flipping detarched thatches___
In the markets,like freed birds,
Displayed wares flying and wobbling, seeking freedom.

In the woods,
Wandering birds flying to their hidding places,
From the pasture,frightened nanny goats
Bleeting,searching to gather kids into pens
While mother hen gather her brood to safety.

Up in the horizon where heaven and earth kissed,
Blinding lightning tearing through saturated clouds
As thunder came roaring,cracking and grumbling
Like Rubadiri’s African Thunder Storm.

Before I could say Jack Robbinson,
Above, came the waa-waa of a weeping heaven
Drawning and soaking the earth in running streams;
On the roof above the rhythmic pattering of rain,
Tempting to lull me to sleep.

On the fields, excited leaves waving and dancing
To the tossing of a subtle tidal breeze;
In the streets drenched children splashing and dancing in ecstasy
As littered dirts gallop down in hurring streams
Never ever to return.

From the farms mother is drenched;
Quivering,shivering and stagering home;
In the fire place the fire is out,
I must warm the hut before mother’s return
For I am a good son.



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