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Crash and burn my sky,
find vision in the pith of my eye,
kiss my breath and digest my
soul, I’m the diamond rain
that brainstorms, define and
refine, like fine wine I come
from clear waters, I bathe with
elements, dance with the HOs,
form and deform, from the
heavy clouds I call out loud
for grounded beliefs, like a
leaf I die and my aesthetic lives,
pluck my life from words,
farm my thoughts and divinity
forms, I’m the other one, the
element of reason.
I’m farmer, planting knowledge
trees, tree of life is the poetry,
I’m Capricorn, harvest my corn.
Now Silence Heaves!

‘Walk child to the end of the farm,
follow the scent in your dreams,
feel your palm around the cob
of this crop, unfold the leaves and
find the untolds from your ancestral
martyrs, now find reason and
believe that divinity is nigh,
dip the feet into the rich ground,
feel the dead feeding the seedlings,
calculate the cycle of living, life
takes and gives, keep the pace,
remove the lace from your eye,
look around, the crop is insight,
follow your dream in hindsight,
this farm is your lifespan, reach
the scent then expand, sea it all,
what you missed, what you feared
to grasp, now fail to deny, this is
the Nile you tiptoed around, dip in
your palm, skin grows, your flesh
glows, you’re not what you’re told,
from dynasties of Royals, your bone
is a branch of the sacred tree, you’re
the thread to lengthen and strengthen
the twine as we fish in the cosmic seas,
now await your weight, await, we don’t
catch, we invite; we are offered what
is, breathe with me, inhale the aura
of bliss, this is the breath that Buddha
searched to capture, let it melt your
lungs, let it fill your jugs of life
with eternity and immortality,
now open your eye, now you
sea, not the light but the thing
that enlights.
Sight coated in honey, no need
to sea the sourness through floods
of tears, now we sea through.

Massage the earth with me,
fondle her heaps, we’re floating
souls, watch what the cosmos
is ready to give, dancing twine,
wisdom is the given fish, the Jonah
monstrosity, now we swallow her,
wisdom is not too hard to digest,
if not meant then it swallows instead,
sea the vast seas that many fail
to grasp, prisoners of dogma,
slaughter over popping soap bubbles,
foam is their rubble, the quaking
minds leave them hallow, their
thinking shallow, follow I little
Sapien, now enter the gate, the
garden, the orchard of orchestra,
where trees sing, that old African
mythical forestry, now listen to
stories for we live through such
notions, listen without caution,
we’re now caught-in what Van Gogh
saw in his artistry, new sophistry,
sky with portals, we’re zoning,
new beings with substance,
new beings leaving an old womb
shrinking and expanding, we’re the
humans being…
Now scream out from your flesh,
we leave this shell as we float
out forth, enter the black hole,
let us sea what is Whole!’

By Eugene ‘Philosophisticater’

Artwork by Duy Huynh

℗ Philosophistication Poetry ℗

2020 All Rights Reserved ©

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